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I know it is crazy to say this,

But I have no shame about loving anime girls.

Because as much as I love to date real girls someday, I feel deep in my heart there are just too many barriers that prevent me from dating a real girl

So instead I just love anime girls until I find a real girl who can peel back the layers of my heart so I could trust her with everything I am passionate enough to share with her.

To better explain this, I will talk in layers.

Please note that I am talking about girls who live within my local area so I can date them without having to travel too far just to hang out with them.

Layer 1. Looks

I am not the most attractive person, in fact my voice is deep and can be scary for some girls because I have mild autism and that is how I talk.

I am also really tall so it can be scary for a girl who is smaller than myself to feel comfortable being physically around me.

I also have grey hair growing from within my black hair, even though I am almost 30 years of age, back 10 years ago when I was almost 20 I used to have full black hair. So lets say I have had stressful experiences of anxiety and depression during my early 20s and maybe before that in my teenage years, that is why my hair is a dark shade of grey instead of being fully black.

Layer 2. Otaku

I LOVE Japanese culture, from Japanese Animation, to Japanese Manga and even Japanese Videogames, all of these fit into a Triforce of Otaku that is what my interests are made out of.

I even am the type of Otaku that loves things that most people would never understand, sometimes to the point of them feeling uncomfortable with so if there is ever a girl who would love to be with me, she will have to understand that there is nothing wrong with my otaku interests in Japanese Animation/Manga/Videogames because I understand that she may not like it because of cultural factors. 

Layer 3. Age

I am turning 30 this year so considering that most girls who are aware of Japanese Animation and Otaku culture, most of them I have meet in my real life seem to be at least 10 years younger than me, some of them 8 years younger and other sometimes more than that.

I can't change anything about my age, and I know that I would love to date a girl who is into Japanese Animation/Manga/Videogames and who is into otaku culture herself. But all the girls closer to my age they just don't like Japanese Animation/Manga/Videogames for some strange reason.

They either think it is just something for kids and that I should just grow up and get into the real world, or that they think that what I like is smutty or something even worse because of cultural reasons. 

I can't love a girl who thinks about that so negatively for something that I love so much.

And I am not going to be the right boyfriend for them if they don't understand or at least be open minded about the otaku culture that I am deeply apart of since my childhood before otaku culture became cool for those who are younger than myself.

So for those who are 10 years younger than myself, those who are at least 18 to 24 years of age.

I don't care about age difference, as long as I am able to watch Japanese animation with you, read manga with you and play Japanese Videogames (Dating Sims included) with you. I will be in heaven, even though we may be just friends that is perhaps all I really do need in my life so I can get to know how to communicate with a girl in real life better.

And if you do feel that you are ok with an age difference, as long as you are of the right age, I feel that being with the right person who can accept you as who you are is most important regardless of barriers. 


As much as I am an Otaku...there are things that are going to feel uncomfortable to share with even to normal otaku people.

This 4th layer is for the more deeper crazy otaku power level that is over 9,000

Only the most open minded of girls who can pass this layer will be the right girl who I could feel comfortable with sharing something even special even though it may be something that almost everyone may never understand about me.

HINT: Read my stories on DA as well as on H Foundry.

Layer 5. I don't wish to marry a girl until we have marriage equality in Australia.

In December 2013, That Australian Capital Territory was allowed to grant homosexuals the right to marry for at least one week until the High Court made a decision from the Australian Government that tried to stop gay marriage from being legal in an Australian state/territory.

Sadly, that challenge from the high court ruled that a state/territory had to follow by federal law in regards to marriage rights. 

And because there are so many politicians in Australian Federal Government that are from the Christian Homophobic generation. We still don't have marriage equality for all.

So in response to the situation in my country's politics.

I will refuse to marry a girl until we achieve marriage equality.

I come from a family who's sisters have married into Christian and Catholic family backgrounds, and even though my parents have given me the choice of deciding what I believe in, I just can't call myself a Christian or a catholic because of what those groups of people represent and how they still oppress those who are just a little different than them.

And because of marriage being a law based on cultural beliefs, I don't think it is right for me to marry a girl because if I have a child who awakens to be a homosexual in their teenage years, I want to set the right example to them to let them know that marriage is not the be all and end all of a relationship.

To really marry someone that you love, you have to marry them into your heart and not something that has to be approved by your society.

And because of that, I feel like I can only ask a girl to have a civil union with me and not ask her to marry me because of what I feel I need to do for my future children if they are homosexual in the future.

I will even sacrifice my chance to be in a relationship with a girl if it means I can't be a good example to my potential children that I may have with her.

Besides, it is not like society would try and take away my kids if I don't marry her. We have moved on from those days when people are forced to marry if they wanted to have kids.

Also what happens if I went years without having any girlfriend only to have two girlfriends at the same time.

If I did somehow have two girlfriends, I will have to be honest with them.

Let them both know about each other, 

let them have the chance to meet the other girl

see if they get along

tell them that I can't chose between either of them if it means it would hurt the other one.

And come to an agreement that I would love to be in a threesome relationship with them both.

Even if they both break up with me because they can't accept the other girl, I would be happy even if one was to stay with me because she understood my position. I would not be the right boyfriend to the one who is not ok with it.

But if they both are ok with it, and they both become good friends with the other girl. I would be in heaven that is so hard to achieve for a man like myself.

But then I would never be able to marry them or even have a civil union with them considering people in Australia are uncomfortable with union between 3 people.

So instead of marrying both girls, I would rather live a happy life with both girls and have children with both. Sharing house work and job responsibilities and raise a family with the element of love and understanding.

If anything, the right girl for me would have to pass those layers of my heart.

And at the same time I have to consider the girl's feelings.

I need to know what she feels comfortable with.

Being a boyfriend I have to accept loads of responsibilities but I don't want those responsibilities to compromise who I really am inside my heart.

I rather be lonely all my life dating nothing more than anime girls than to date a girl who is not the right one for me. 


Name: TBoneTony

Birth Year: 1984

Country: Australia

Interests: Videogames, Anime, Manga, Australian Rules Football and Japanese Music.

Dreams and Ambitions: I want to be able to become a Videogame Developer or a Manga/Anime story writer.

How am I going to get those goals now?: Write Stories and make a simple Flash game to demonstrate my skills.

I am currently at the University of Ballarat doing the Bachelor of IT (Computer Games)
The gaming units are good but the rest of the IT units are boring and have nothing to do with making videogames.
I wish there was also an arts class that would delve into Anime and Manga.

Countries I would like to go to: Canada and Japan.

Ultimate Dream Project: To make a Jungle Girl Manga and turn it into a Jungle Girl Anime and also make a Jungle Girl videogame using Anime style of art.

Childhood Heros:
Gary Ablett Senior (Australian Football Legend)
Shigeru Miyamoto (Videogame Developer legend)
Ken Akamatsu (creator of the Love Hina Manga)
Toshio Maeda (the Tentacle Master for Adults Manga/Anime)
Koji Kondo (Composer to some of Nintendo's greatest music)

Current Residence: Australia
Favourite genre of music: Videogame Music
Favourite style of art: Anime/Manga
Operating System: I use a Apple and Windows laptops
Favourite cartoon character: Misty from the Pokemon Anime
Personal Quote: Life is full of challenges but you can overcome challenges with attitude and spirt

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now I feel like situations beyond my own control mean't that I am not welcome on their art anymore. 


If anyone suddenly has a change in their lives and does not want me to write stories for them anymore, please let me know, don't leave me out in the cold.

Just let me know and I will understand the situation. 
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