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Just got the results for my university semester and exams I had last month.

I pass all 3 of my classes.

So next year I have only 2 more classes/units to pass before I complete my degree I have been doing since 2010.

After a long 5 year saga with university, as well as the years of stress and anxiety of trying to find the right university to go to before starting this degree.

I feel allot more better now. 
When I finish my exams, it always happens that I get tired.

I finished my last exam for the year and I am dead tired now.

Lucky for me, this is almost over, when I get my results, if all goes well I would only have just 2 more classes/units to finish my degree next year.

Then trying to get a job to pay off my student debt will be the next task in my life.

but then, I would have more time to write stories next year. So I am looking forward to getting motivated to do that. 
Having Exams starting tomorrow and continues until the 21st. Possible stories in the works but I can't promise too much.

But I would love to get back to writing stories soon. 

Pokemon X & Y series has been giving me inspiration to try and continue the Misty and May story on HF considering it has been almost 7 years since I last written that series.

Also the recent Zelda games gives me inspiration to try and start Nabooru's Story on DA since I have done a few years of researching the cultural influences of the Gerudo race in the Zelda series.
TBoneTony's ReportGamesIndustry by TBoneTony
TBoneTony's ReportGamesIndustry
This is what I had written at university.  >>>>>>>  Download the word doc file on the right hand side "Download" >>>>>>

I recently got the marks so I have made this version of the report for DA.

The reason is because I wanted to delete my real name and the university info and put in my DA name TBoneTony to make this ok for DA and keep my privacy.

Now this report is not perfect, I lost marks for going too long on topics and going over the word limit, as well as making mistakes near the end of my report.

As well as going off topic from what I was meant to be talking about in how Australia needs a games rating system.

So please, I am not perfect and I did make mistakes in my report. 

But I did get around 60% of marks for this assignment and did allot to improve how I do my report, essay, thesis writing.

This is also a look back at the earlier essay I did on Video Games back in 2007 and looking at how much has improved and how things have changed over the years.

And how some things have not changed too.

Also seems that I can't post this as litterature and non fiction editorial so I will just post this in my scaps instead so others can have a read of it.



PS. This is just one out of the many reasons why I have been too busy to write stories in recent years since my University has made my life really busy.
Sorry I had not written much for a long time because of university. I finished a massive assignment recently and I am preparing for exams next month. I would like to write a few stories in my uni holidays over the summer but it just depends on if I feel motivated enough to do so
Over the last few months, I have been reminded of the fears that I had felt back in 2006 when I was afraid that people were not going to like me, and that they would judge me harshly all because of the games I like to play.

They would call me some names, often suggesting that I have a poor attitude towards women, and other things.

So what did I do to deserve this?

I just made a flash game demo, of a jungle girl, fighting against the perils of the jungle using nothing more than her skills to avoid being eaten by snakes and plants and stuff like that.

And some people were criticising me all because of the way I had the jungle girl dressed.
And they said that I had put her in a threatening environment.

I know that it must have been just a couple of individual people saying this, but I was really just wanting to make a game that I would love to play using my limited skills of flash at the time around 8 years ago.

In the end, the forced me to change her outfit, they forced me to make her younger, and they forced me to change the game to make it complicated instead of a simple design.

I see gaming nowdays and look back at my original design, similar to the Game & Watch Octopus game but instead of undersea and octopus's tentacles, you have to avoid the snakes and the plants and gather as many berries as you could.

Gaming today, even some of the casual gaming, is quite simple and yet I was forced to change things in my game all because people who were not into games wanted me to make something all because they expected games to be for kids and to be complicated.

They did not understand that as for my first game, I wanted to start simple and just do something I was comfortable doing for myself to test out what I had in my limited actionscript programming skills.

The game I was forced to make, almost broke me with the number of different issues I had to come across with too much on the screen making it hard to run at a normal frame rate.
So yes, that was my first game and it was ruined by those who less understood me and my capabilities

Over the last few months, I felt that most of the criticism I had felt back then were from people who for some reason, took issues against me, all because they labelled me as misogynist all because I was creative but I was not doing what they expected me to do.

And I was not doing anything wrong, I was just trying to make a game for people in their adult years who had fond memories of how games were back in the 80s on the game and watch but using Flash software.

And I now look back at those days in my TAFE years, and feel like I must have had a real hard luck story.

Not only was I in a class of people who did not really take any interest in gaming, but the flash game was only meant to go as far as being a proposal for a flash game, not an actual full game.

I worked my butt off trying to find the source code just to teach myself programming in action script. and they threw that hard work out the window all because it was not what they wanted me to do.

I had to do my own stuff at home, as well as looking after my younger cousin almost every SECOND NIGHT because of his mother being in a car accident from the year before and his father being distracted on getting his wife home instead of leaving her to be taken care of in the TAC house where she was better looked after.

Sorry, I had to really let myself go on that one, it was a hard time in my life at that stage.

Anyway, I found out that some people in class, were feminists and not the good type that try to fight for equal rights, the feminists I had to encounter in my class were the ones who hated men or hated anything they saw in man culture, or even in geek culture. And they labelled me and my original idea for the game as the problem instead of understanding me.

I felt that something went wrong, and they lashed out against me, and I had no idea why they were so angry with me.

Now with all the ‪#‎GamerGate‬ issues that have been going on in the last few months, I fully understood why some people did not like my original idea of the game I wanted to make in Flash during my TAFE years.

It was not a problem with me, it was the feminist view taken to the extreme.
Also last month, I commented on a video at the anime club we were watching that was looking at trailers at new anime series being advertised in Japan.

One of them looked like it was a visual novel dating sim type of anime.

I said that it might be something I might like to get someday since I like dating sims,
then I heard someone say something that was negative...and I did not know what it was.

I am a little sensitive to some words that start with the letter p, because I know that I love the games that I like, but I just don't like it when people make assumptions about games.

They judged the game as....something...all because the girls in dating sim games are young, and that someone like me who is 30, who plays games like that, they consider it as ....something....

When I play Dating Sim games, I take the role of the character, and the character in the game is dating girls who are similar to his age.

So I don't consider the game as ...something...

But then again, people do have this opinion, and just like the femininism situation, I feel that sometimes we take games too seriously, mostly those who less understand about games than those who do play games

If we think too much about the social implications of a game, and end up criticising the developers and the gamers, just because one person looks at a game in a certain way compared to those who do understand it better. Then we end up falsely accusing the game and its creators and the gamers who are fans of that type of game, for something that has nothing to do with the game itself.

And over the last few months of the whole #GamerGate situation, I can finally look back at those harsh times I faced from others, and know that I am not a bad person, and did not do anything wrong. And that nobody should judge me or my character of who I am, all because of the games that I like to play.

And I am not the only one who has had to go though this experience too.


Name: TBoneTony

Birth Year: 1984

Country: Australia

Interests: Videogames, Anime, Manga, Australian Rules Football and Japanese Music.

Dreams and Ambitions: I want to be able to become a Videogame Developer or a Manga/Anime story writer.

How am I going to get those goals now?: Write Stories and make a simple Flash game to demonstrate my skills.

I am currently at the University of Ballarat doing the Bachelor of IT (Computer Games)
The gaming units are good but the rest of the IT units are boring and have nothing to do with making videogames.
I wish there was also an arts class that would delve into Anime and Manga.

Countries I would like to go to: Canada and Japan.

Ultimate Dream Project: To make a Jungle Girl Manga and turn it into a Jungle Girl Anime and also make a Jungle Girl videogame using Anime style of art.

Childhood Heros:
Gary Ablett Senior (Australian Football Legend)
Shigeru Miyamoto (Videogame Developer legend)
Ken Akamatsu (creator of the Love Hina Manga)
Toshio Maeda (the Tentacle Master for Adults Manga/Anime)
Koji Kondo (Composer to some of Nintendo's greatest music)

Current Residence: Australia
Favourite genre of music: Videogame Music
Favourite style of art: Anime/Manga
Operating System: I use a Apple and Windows laptops
Favourite cartoon character: Misty from the Pokemon Anime
Personal Quote: Life is full of challenges but you can overcome challenges with attitude and spirt

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now I feel like situations beyond my own control mean't that I am not welcome on their art anymore. 


If anyone suddenly has a change in their lives and does not want me to write stories for them anymore, please let me know, don't leave me out in the cold.

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