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Why Anime Jungle Girls

Why did I make the group about Anime Jungle Girls?

Well, over the years since I have been watching Anime, reading Manga and also playing Videogames. I have noticed allot of clichés in the Anime Otaku culture.

We have Japanese School Girls that are of the most popular with the Otaku.
We also have Magical Girls since the days of Sailor Moon.
We have Ninja Girls that have been in Anime for a long time because of cultural influences in native Japan. Plus there is also Naruto that has been big in Anime Sohen Jump.
We also have had Mermaids in Anime that was not really as popular except when Misty from Pokemon gowned a Mermaid suit. Also I should mention before Disney had the Little Mermaid, Japan had their own Mermaid Anime called Maho no Mako chan.
We have also had Space girls, girls and even boys operating large robots, girls in maid outfits and on every summer episode we have had bikini girls in Anime for a long time.
Police girls that enforce the law and also nurse girls who help people get better.
We have had warrior girls and mage girls in RPG games.
Princesses are also popular in Japanese Videogames.
We have even got girls who are aliens from another planet who come down to Earth and find true love with a lucky looser type of guy that we all feel we are when we have lived a teenage life without any girlfriend.
Catgirls and girls who take characteristics of other animals but mostly Catgirls are there in different areas of Anime.
There are also demonic Demon Girls who look innocent but have something else in mind.
Mind you, Anime is not always for the guys, Anime is also for the Girls too with many Sojo type of Anime and Manga that places a girl in a large group of guys that she can fall in love with.

So why is it, that not many people have ever thought about a Jungle Girl Anime?
Like it seems like a good idea and might just be a different genre for the Otaku in Japan.
Perhaps the Jungle Girl Anime is not just there in the minds of the Japanese creators.
What I have had in my mind is that besides from Ayla from Chrono Trigger who is more like a Cave Girl, we have not had any real Anime Jungle Girls in Anime/Manga or Videogames.
The only real exceptions of the rule to Jungle Girl Anime are Guu from Hare & Guu but she is more like a strange resident girl who lives in a jungle village and also there is Nasumi from the Jungle De Ikou OVA who is more like a Japanese school girl who suddenly gets strange jungle powers from a necklace that transforms her into a big breasted Jungle Babe but still set in modern day Japan.

What I am really trying to talk about is why have we not seen any REAL Jungle Girls, girls who live in the jungle with their animal friends?
Well maybe it is a genre that has never really taken off, but if you look at where Anime gets their genres it is all possible for an Anime/Manga artist get their inspiration from Disney’s the Jungle Book and suddenly with a certain hypnotic snake as the villain and a few certain jungle perils like quicksand, girl-eating plants with tentacle vines and even a giant spider or even an Octopus in the lake. Well you might just have something that makes a Jungle Girl Anime appealing towards the Otaku audience.
Also you can add in Catgirls who live in the jungle to help out the lonely Jungle Girl.

All I am trying to say, is that this group I have made is just to start generating some interest for a Jungle Girl anime. Creating a few ideas like stories, pictures and even a few flash games is all we can do so far but all I know, I have been on Deviant Art and seen some Kaa the snake pics with Anime girls, and also the Australian site Downunder in the Jungle has a few artists who cater for a Jungle Girl manga web comic.

So it is possible for a Jungle Girl Anime to be popular, all it needs is for a few people to catch onto it.

A topic that I had written for my group Anime Jungle Girls.

Hope this supports the reason why I started up a yahoo group this week.

Sorry for not doing any stories as I have been either busy in my life, or busy playing Chrono Trigger on the DS.

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onyxswami Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2011
I have an OC who's an anime style jungle girl. Her name is Jungle Ginny, and I have plenty of pictures of her in my gallery in case you'd like to see her.
Rixec2 Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2011
You might want to try out Makyo no Shanana manga.
TBoneTony Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2011
Thank you so much.

I have been waiting years for a manga like this one :D

Here is the link to it on manga fox for those who want to view it.

Ragnarok222 Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2010
Hey, I've made a few Kaa pics and I fully agree with you here. I can't seem to find any pictures of girls so if you me to make some send me a link.
TBoneTony Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2010
Feel free to post any Kaa stuff, most perfered is Kaa with any Anime Girls, and even better Kaa with Anime/Manga style Jungle Girls


So far lol20 is contributing and a few from other people, plus there are allot of my older stories there on the group too.

So feel free to post anything as long as it is related to those peril of snakes, quicksand, plants, tentacles, spiders, blobs in the jungle and if most preferred to have victims being Anime or at least cartoon animated style.

Be careful about anything adult, topless anime girls are ok but as long as we avoid showing anything of the lower area because of yahoo censorship people might ban the group if there is anything too explicit though.

So that is the only things I will have to let you know about.

Hope you find the group ok and let me know if the link does not work too.

Ragnarok222 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2010
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