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Native Girl
(Kelp Ending) (PG)
TBone Tony
It all started on a fine afternoon in the jungle of Downunder. (I know that Australia dose not have a jungle but this is just a story so anything can happen. Let's just say that this Jungle was called the Downunder Jungle, it is not in Australia)
There was a young beautiful woman who was picking fruits for her village. She was called the native girl since she had a strong sense of having a close relationship with animals. Her long blonde hair waved in the wind as she continued to pick some fruit from the trees to fill her basket.
Then suddenly as she was ready to leave, the native girl heard a scream, it seamed like there was an animal in trouble.
The native girl then picked up her basket of fruit and went to see what was the matter.
The voices were coming from a thick vine area, the native girl sensed that the screams of help came from this area so she carefully pulled back the vines to see a little monkey trapped in the vines, it seamed he was stuck and could not break free from the vines hold on him.
The monkey then saw a huge figure in front of him and the little monkey screamed like crazy, it thought that this big animal was going to eat it.
But the native girl gently put her hand onto the little monkey and gently stroked it's face.
Then the she said in a soothing voice. "Don't worry little monkey, I will soon get you out of these vines. All you have to do is to calm down so I can free you."
The monkey stoped screaming and slowly calmed down. Then the native girl slowly undid the vines that were slowly strangling his body from much needed air. For some of the vines were tied too tightly around the monkey, the native girl got out her trusty pocket sword from her belt that she always uses to get past very dangerous situations. Finally as the native girl undid the last piece of vine attached to the monkey's chest, the monkey was finally free.
The monkey happily screeched and jumped to hug the native girl.  
The native girl returned the hug with a smile as the little monkey wrapped it's little arms around her neck and buried his head against her chest. The monkey was standing on her small plump breasts but that did not worry the native girl because she knew the monkey meant no harm to her body, it was only so the monkey would keeps it's balance while it hugged her. It did not mean to be any more special than a friendly and grateful hug.
After they hugged for a while, the little monkey jumped off the girl and ran into the jungle.
The native girl decided that it was time to go home.

The native girl found the path to her village but there was a river to cross. Under the surface of the river was a tangle of kelp. Sometimes ant animal that would be unlucky enough to be tangled by the kelp would eventually be strangled to death. But the native girl always crossed that river to get some fruit for her village so she always knew of the risks. But she never had been tangled in kelp before and even if she was, the native girl would get out her pocket sword and slash the water plant until it would let go of her.
The native girl checked that her leather pocket sword case was strapped to her leather belt that was tied to her native jungle skirt.
Then the native girl began to step into the water with caution. There were more dangers to worry about in the river than in the jungle itself.
The native girl had no trouble making it half way across the lake as the water was now up to her hips.
Then suddenly the current of the water began to shift. The trendels of leaves and water lilies began to appear from out of nowhere and they surrounded the surprised native girl. But she did not see any cause for alarm as the native girl continued to walk her way though the river hip deep.
The native girl did not notice that something was wrong until something had grabbed her leg.
"OH, what's is this?" gasped the native girl as she realised that something wet and slimy had wrapped itself around her right leg.
She tried to budge it but the slimy thing had still got hold of her leg.
Then another slimy thing had wrapped itself around her left leg.
"OK, time to get my hands out." the native girl said to herself.
Her hands dug themselves into the murky water that was coved by leaves, trendels and water lilies. She pulled out something that grabbed her left arm. It looked like a slimy piece of vine.
"Must be some sort of kelp." thought the native girl.
The native girl acted cool and calm as she searched her belt to find her trusty pocket sword. But it was not there.
"OH SHOOT" she gasped loudly.
Her pocket sword was nowhere to be found on her belt.
The native girl started to get worried that if she could not get free then she could be in for a long night trying to get herself out of this sticky situation.
The current started to swirl around her lower body. Then the native girl felt something slap itself around her hips.
"UGH, what is happening?" the native girl gasped as she realised that more and more vines of kelp started to wrap themselves around her legs, thighs and hips.
The native girl started to really panic, how will she ever get out of this mess.
Then to her horror. The vines started to climb up her belly.
"OH NO, it's climbing up my body! HELP, SOMEBODY HELP ME" the native girl screamed for help as she found out that she was in a real life threatening situation.
The vines climbed over her navel, her spine, her bare belly button was ticklish to the warm slimy touch but the native girl was not laughing. She was screaming her head off.
"Help, somebody, I'm tangled in Kelp!" cried the native girl.
But there was nobody there to help her.
The native girl continued to struggle against the vines of kelp. The trendels continued to wrap themselves around her legs and belly as the water rose higher. And so did the kelp that was climbing it's way up her chest.
"NO, you won't get to my breasts." cried the native girl.
She saw the vines slowly climb up and under her cloth that concealed her breasts. She grabbed them with her hands but then the vines grabbed her arms as they coiled themselves around her. Now her arms were trapped.
The native girl's eyes grew wide in terror as the vines of kelp climbed higher and slowly wrapped themselves around her chest. Making her breasts squish into her ribs. The native girl was now finding it hard to breathe as the kelp slowly squeezed her delicate body tight within it's grip.
"No, it's over!" sighed the native girl in defeat.
Her legs were so tangled that she fell to her knees and the trendels of kelp swamped her whole body right up to her shoulders.
"Oh, no I'm going to die!" the native girl gasped.
The vines of kelp started to climb again as they slowly circled her neck. She could feel the vines close over her throat but she would not give up.
"HELP, I'M TANGLED IN KELP! IT'S CHOCKING ME. HEl...phhh! Ugh" cried the native girl as the vines crushed in on her neck and one vine wrapped around her mouth to stop her screaming.
As the native girl was slowly chocking to death, she terrified eyes were still open but there was no one to save her.
The native girl could feel the trendels of kelp pulse around her. Slowly drawing her whole body, and eventually her head into darkness. She felt that it was like her heart beat. It felt like the kelp was slowly swallowing her.
The native girl could not fight it any more and with the lack of any oxygen, her head fell into the water that was slowly being engulfed by the kelp.
As the native girl was slowly dying under the tangle of kelp she felt a cut near her neck.
This woke her up as she gasped in some air.
'Wait a minute?' she thought. How could she breathe?
The water began to subside and she could feel the kelp slowly untangling itself off her body.
The native girl looked to her right to see a monkey on her shoulder. It was somehow cutting the vines off her with some sort of pocket sword.
"Wait" said the native girl. "This is my pocket sward."
She realised that the monkey she saved earlier had found her pocket sword and came to give it back to her. The native girl then remembered that she might have forgotten to pick up her pocket sword after she had rescued the little monkey.
The water was flowing away to be only knee deep and the brave little monkey was slashing the trendels kelp that had been chocking her only seconds ago.
Once when she could move her legs, the native girl picked up the little monkey, her pocket sword and rushed herself out of the water as fast as she could.
The native girl finally made it to the other side and then her body collapsed on the ground.
Her heart rate was racing but it began to slow down when she realised she was now finally safe.
The native girl looked into the little monkeys face with tears in her eyes.
The monkey looked back into her eyes for response.
"Thank you, little monkey. You saved my life." cried the native girl as she drew the monkey in for a kiss on his forehead and a grateful hug.
The little monkey hugged it's little arms around the native girls neck.
The native girl still had tears flowing from her eyes, she was happy to still be alive and to be so luck to have found a new friend.
It has been a long time since I revisited these stories....

The Native Girls series was one of my first when I was originally writing for the Downunder site.

Not sure if I had submitted them to deviant art but I felt like resubmitting them to da again in case if anyone didn't already know about them yet.
Maaak112 Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2011
I remember that Dellemette site. Wish they had kept it open. The newest Downunder in the Jungle doesn't have all the previous art works :(
1j3j Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2011
wait you were bigboobs on deviantart
TBoneTony Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2011
No I wasn't.

I had originally written these stories of the Native Girl back in 2005/06 on a different site.

I think bigboobs had copied my stories and posted them here claiming they were his/hers.

I wasn't made aware of this until someone told me about it, and when I finally got to see what was happening, it seemed that deviantart had already suspended bigboobs account.

While I was dissapointed at first that they didn't try to contact me before posting them up here, I was quite appreciative from the comments that were made on his copies of my stories, considering I originally had written them.

But the original idea of Native Girl and the basic storyline should belong to Downunder with his site and the way he put his ideas on his site so other people could make comics or write stories about his original story concepts.

Sorry for all the confusion too.
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