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Native Girl
(Octopus Ending) (M)

It all started on a fine afternoon in the jungle of Downunder. (I know that Australia dose not have a jungle but this is just a story so anything can happen. Let's just say that this Jungle was called the Downunder Jungle, it is not in Australia)
There was a young beautiful woman who was picking fruits for her village. She was called the native girl since she had a strong sense of having a close relationship with animals. Her long blonde hair waved in the wind as she continued to pick some fruit from the trees to fill her basket.
Then suddenly as she was ready to leave, the native girl heard a scream, it seamed like there was an animal in trouble.
The native girl then picked up her basket of fruit and went to see what was the matter.
The voices were coming from a thick vine area, the native girl sensed that the screams of help came from this area so she carefully pulled back the vines to see a little monkey trapped in the vines, it seamed he was stuck and could not break free from the vines hold on him.
The monkey then saw a huge figure in front of him and the little monkey screamed like crazy, it thought that this big animal was going to eat it.
But the native girl gently put her hand onto the little monkey and gently stroked it's face.
Then the she said in a soothing voice. "Don't worry little monkey, I will soon get you out of these vines. All you have to do is to calm down so I can free you."
The monkey stoped screaming and slowly calmed down. Then the native girl slowly undid the vines that were slowly strangling his body from much needed air. The native girl also used her pocket sword to get the vines off the monkey that were hard to untangle. Finally as the native girl undid the last piece of vine attached to the monkey's chest, the monkey was finally free.
The monkey happily screeched and jumped to hug the native girl.  
The native girl returned the hug with a smile as the little monkey wrapped it's little arms around her neck and buried his head against her chest. The monkey was standing on her small plump breasts but that did not worry the native girl because she knew the monkey meant no harm to her body, it was only so the monkey would keeps it's balance while it hugged her. It did not mean to be any more special than a friendly and grateful hug.
After they hugged for a while, the little monkey jumped off the girl and ran into the jungle.
The native girl decided that it was time to go home.   

As she walked back to her village with her basket of fruit in her arms, the native girl found a beautiful lake. The sun was hot and sweet came down from her forehead. So the native girl decided to take a break and have a relaxing bathe in the pond.
She slowly undid her belt and slipped off her skirt. She undid the cloth that concealed her breasts until the native girl was finally naked as the day she was born.
The native girl slowly made her way to the water of the lake, it was so muddy that she did not want to slip over. She put her clothes beside the shore and stepped into the cool lake.
The water felt cold at first so the native girl moved her slim legs so she could be warmer as she got deeper.
At hip deep, the native girl bend her knees and she slowly lowered her naked body into the water. The water was so clear that the native girl felt like closing her eyes and slowly splash the water over her face.
"Oh, this feels good!" whispered the native girl to herself as she relaxed.
The smooth water was so good to her delicate young body.

After a while, the native girl felt refreshed so she slowly stood up and made her way out of the lake.
Suddenly, she felt something tapped her foot. Something slimy.
The native girl looked down and gasped as she saw a tentacle that was half coved in mud.
She did not want to stay any longer so the native girl rushed herself to the shore but then a huge tentacle came up and circled itself around her path.
The native girl quickly jumped her feet above the water to miss the tentacle and she looked behind to see another one coming from behind her.
"OH NO" she gasped "Got to get my pocket sword!"
The native girl reached the muddy shore and grabbed her pocket sword. But when she turned her head back, she could not see anything.
Just as she turned to go, a huge tentacle that was hiding behind her wrapped itself around her legs and tripped the native girl on her back.
"WHAAHH!!!" screamed the native girl.
Her fall had made her pocket sward slip out of her hand and onto the muddy shore.
"Oh no!" she cried as the native girl desperately tried to reach for her pocket sword but the tentacle pulled her naked body into the water.
The native girl gasped for air as she lifted her head above the water but then there were more tentacles coiling themselves around her naked body.
"OH NO! This Can't be Happening!!" shrieked the native girl as she realised that she could not move her arms that were tied to her sides by the tentacles around her.
Then a huge massive body came up from the muddy bottom of the lake. It looked like a massive beating heart but then the native girl realised that it was the body of a Octopus, the muddy monster of the lake.
"HELP" screamed the native girl as her naked body was slowly pulled straight for the massive body of the octopus. "I NEED HELP, please, anybody out there? HELP"
The screams of the native girl went unheard.
She gasped as her legs slowly went into the octopuses mouth. It's blubber body felt so soft and squish. But to her horror the octopus closed it's muscles over her legs and pulled her in more.
"NO, It's trying to swallow me!" gasped the native girl.
Her fear showed in her eyes, her mouth dropped in terror. She could no longer move her body with the tentacles around her.
"SOMEBODY HEL ppphhhh!!!" cried the native girl as a tentacle wrapped around her mouth, muting her cries for any possible rescue.
The tentacles then dragged her head under the water. The native girls eyes remained open with fear and she continued to struggle. But the tentacles were too strong. The native girl then relaxed as she could feel the suction caps of the octopuses tentacles pulsed all around her body.
Her body was slowly sliding into the mouth of the octopus and all that the native girl could do was watch.
Her belly slide in and next was her breasts.
'No not my breasts' cried the native girl.
Her plump breasts were slowly engulfed by the octopus. The swallowing pressure was hurting her body and the native girl was running out of time and air.
Next was she shoulders and finally her head, then she would be doomed.
'Goodbye world' the native girl thought.
Suddenly as she head was about to go, a monkey splashed under the water with her pocket sword.
'OH little monkey HELP ME' muffled the native girl as her head was vanishing into the octopus.
The monkey dodged the tentacles and speared the octopus in it's round body and suddenly, the octopus reflexed itself and took off fast with a cloud of ink.
The native girl was spewed out and she gasped as her head reached the surface.
She then picked up the little monkey in her arms and rushed out of the water.
The native girl picked up her clothes and basket of fruit and ran far away from the lake, behind a tree to collapse.
Her breathing was erratic from her near death experience but then she looked into the monkey's eyes and the little monkey looked back at her.
"Oh little monkey, you risked your life to save mine. Thank you." cried the native girl as she kissed the monkey on the forehead.
Tears flowed from her eyes as the little monkey hugged her with his arms around her neck. The native girl realised she was lucky to be alive and thankful to find a new friend.
The End.
This is going to be one of the few Mature Content of my Native Girl series...

for nudity...

it also has octopus tentacle peril involved but does not get into H stuff so don't worry (if you were to does not like anything with tentacle H)
Bikinisrock Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2015
I love tentacle h. does she have pale skin or dark skin
TBoneTony Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2015
I feel that she can have any sort of color of skin depending on how the reader imagines it.

In my mind, she would have tanned skin almost a mixture of East Asian and Portuguese like Brazilian sort of skin.
Malkash007 Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2014
good story
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