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Native Girl
(Plant Ending) (PG)
TBone Tony
It all started on a fine afternoon in the jungle of Downunder. (I know that Australia dose not have a jungle but this is just a story so anything can happen. Let's just say that this Jungle was called the Downunder Jungle, it is not in Australia)
There was a young beautiful woman who was picking fruits for her village. She was called the native girl since she had a strong sense of having a close relationship with animals. Her long blonde hair waved in the wind as she continued to pick some fruit from the trees to fill her basket.
Then suddenly as she was ready to leave, the native girl heard a scream, it seamed like there was an animal in trouble.
The native girl then picked up her basket of fruit and went to see what was the matter.
The voices were coming from a thick vine area, the native girl sensed that the screams of help came from this area so she carefully pulled back the vines to see a little monkey trapped in the vines, it seamed he was stuck and could not break free from the vines hold on him.
The monkey then saw a huge figure in front of him and the little monkey screamed like crazy, it thought that this big animal was going to eat it.
But the native girl gently put her hand onto the little monkey and gently stroked it's face.
Then the she said in a soothing voice. "Don't worry little monkey, I will soon get you out of these vines. All you have to do is to calm down so I can free you."
The monkey stoped screaming and slowly calmed down. Then the native girl slowly undid the vines that were slowly strangling his body from much needed air. Finally as the native girl undid the last piece of vine attached to the monkey's chest, the monkey was finally free.
The monkey happily screeched and jumped to hug the native girl.  
The native girl returned the hug with a smile as the little monkey wrapped it's little arms around her neck and buried his head against her chest. The monkey was standing on her small plump breasts but that did not worry the native girl because she knew the monkey meant no harm to her body, it was only so the monkey would keeps it's balance while it hugged her. It did not mean to be any more special than a friendly and grateful hug.
After they hugged for a while, the little monkey jumped off the girl and ran into the jungle.
The native girl decided that it was time to go home.

As the native girl was walking home with her bag of fruit, she sat down to rest under a tall tree. The native girl's village was so far away that she could collapse from exhaustion by walking without taking a break. Plus with the hot summer weather in the jungle made it easy for humans and animals to get tired in the afternoon so the native girl had no hesitation to just take her own time and have a break.
The native girl was eating a banana that she got during the day when all of a sudden, she could feel something wrap around her leg.
"Hugh? What is this?" thought the native girl.
She stood up in shock to see a thick vine wrapped around her leg and she tried to shake it off and kick it with her other free leg.
Then another vine wrapped around her other leg.
"Oh no, it's got my other leg."
Then another few more vines popped out from nowhere and tied themselves to her arms, thighs and around her bare belly.
"Oh no, I'm trapped!" screamed the native girl. "Somebody HELP ME"
But there was no one around to save her.
The vines crossed her arms so more could wrap around her body, suddenly the vines trapped the girl's arms to her chest. The vines continued to wrap themselves around her arms and chest to tie her up like the bandages of a mummy.
"NO, can't, break, free" cried the native girl.
She was in complete bondage from the vines all tied around her.
Some of the vines that originally heeled her arms to cross them had loosen to move to tie her legs together.
"NO, can't, stand, UGH! NO!" the native girl screamed as she was tripped to the ground face up.
Then the vines pulled her around the jungle floor. The native girl could feel her back hit the small branches as they continued to drag her along.
Her eyes opened wide in terror as the vines dragged her bounded body to this huge flower bulb. It's petals began to open as they revealed the plants huge green lips.
The native girl realised that she was going to be eaten by this man eating plant.
"HELP, SOMEBODY, I'm about to be EATEN!" cried the native girl.
She pulled and she wiggled but her struggle was futile against the strong vines that heeled her trapped. Tears were starting to pour from the native girl's eyes. She did not want to become plant food.
The vines lifted her legs and the lips of the huge plant closed over them tight.
"EWW" sobbed the native girl. "It's so slimy and gross!"
It did not take long for the bulb of the plant to straighten up right and the native girl found her body standing, but she was slowly sinking inside the huge lips of the plant.
Her legs were now inside the plants throat and the sticky sap coved all over her thighs. Even if the vines let go of her legs, it was the sap that made them hard to move. Plus the plant's throat was near the lips that as soon as they went in, it was impossible to move.
The native girl tried to kick her legs inside the plant but it was no use, she could not move them.
"NO, it's eating me, swallowing my body whole!" cried the native girl.
The plant's lips were up to her belly and the native girl gasped as the sap touched her navel. The vines heeled her arms tied to her chest so once when they go in, she would never get out.
"Please, oh please somebody. Help!" the native girl cried.
Tears were staining her face as the plant's lips closed in around her ribs.
Then her arms slowly began to slip under the lips, the vines untangle themselves around her but the native girl could not move her arms. She was heeled by the powerful lips of the plant.
"This, is it, I'm gonna die." sobbed the native girl as her final hope of escape was being swallowed by the plant.
As the plant's lips closed around the native girl's shoulders, a flying coconut hit the side of the plant's bulb. Then more coconuts began to hit the plant.
The native girl looked to her left to see the little monkey she saved earlier today throwing coconuts at the plant.
The native girl was surprised to see the monkey throwing all the coconuts, they all hit the right at the centre of the bulb where her body was slowly being consumed.
Suddenly, the plant toppled over and it was knocked to the ground.
The native girl saw that this was her final chance to escape, so she pulled her arms out of the plant's mouth. It took her great effort to get them past the powerful suction of the plant's lips but she eventually got her arms out in time to pull herself out.
As the native girl got her legs out, she made a run for it just as the plant started to wake up.
The native girl ran as fast as she could. Her heart was pumping after her close shave with death.
Then as she slowed down, she forgot that she left her basket of fruit behind, the native girl did not want to risk her life again but as soon as she complimented going back the monkey came up with the girl's basket with the fruit still in there.
"Oh thank you little monkey. Thanks for saving my life back there and thanks for returning my fruit to me." said the native girl as she bend down to kiss the little monkey's forehead.
The little monkey jumped up to give the native girl a big hug.
They were both happy to be alive and as the monkey and the native girl stared into each others eyes, they were both thankful to have found a true friend today.
The End
Once again, this is one of my earlier stories that I had originally written and I am revisiting this to put up on Deviant Art.

For those who have not read the seires yet, these were some of my earliest stories.

Hope you all enjoy them
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